Mural Auction for the Toma Fund

Fundraising for Children’s Cancer Charities is something myself and my wife have been doing for a while now since our little boy Finley was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer at 8 months old almost 2 years ago now. So when the Toma Fund approached me for something to raffle or giveaway at their latest Charity Ball I snapped at the chance to give something back, something I am really good at (if I do say so myself).

Visit the Toma Fund’s Charity Ball Event Page for more information.

I have heard the mural prize maybe raffled or even auctioned – it will be interesting to see how much it goes for if it is auctioned and I just hope it raises some great funds for the Toma Fund. I will look to share the final mural once I find out who the winner is and what they want – so watch this space!

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