Mural Auction for the Toma Fund

Fundraising for Children’s Cancer Charities is something myself and my wife have been doing for a while now since our little boy Finley was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer at 8 months old almost 2 years ago now. So when the Toma Fund approached me for something to raffle or giveaway at their latest Charity Ball I snapped at the chance to give something back, something I am really good at (if I do say so myself).

Visit the Toma Fund’s Charity Ball Event Page for more information.

I have heard the mural prize maybe raffled or even auctioned – it will be interesting to see how much it goes for if it is auctioned and I just hope it raises some great funds for the Toma Fund. I will look to share the final mural once I find out who the winner is and what they want – so watch this space!

Breakout Characters a mural by Steven James

With time and budget a concern, the brief for ‘Breakout Characters’ was to produce a design idea that would not require full painting of the wall selected.  It was however to include a number of the brothers favourite characters or current trends, in this case Spongebob, Lightning McQueen, Pumbaa, Stickman, Spiderman and BB8.

The concept jumped out at me (no pun intended), several small circles of character breaking out of the wall behind. So I hopped off to source some imagery, dropped them into my iPad and created a very simple final design that I could recreate by hand, watch below how it all came together…