Jameson’s Jungle a mural by Steven James

Jameson’s Jungle Mural was my first move into the world of wall art. As an artist and designer who wouldn’t want to paint a mural in your first child’s nursery before they were born. Not only did the imminent arrival of my first born give me the drive to redecorate and finish his nursery, but it gave me the ideal opportunity to get back to my artistic roots.

The brief was clear (from my wife), a jungle themed design with a gentle tone for a baby boy plus to keep in mind the centre piece being where the cot would be placed. Of course being a huge Jungle Book fan and just recently watched Tangled from Disney, the influence was clear.

Baloo became the guardian of my son hanging the leaves of a tree over my little-one each and every night, keeping him safe with Bagheera watching over them in a tree high up.



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